Ceramic Membrane
Filtration System

The "Ceramic Membrane Filtration System" is a reliable technology to produce clean water by removing the turbidity, bacteria, and cryptosporidium and other protozoa contained in raw water sources such as surface water and ground water. Using a unique ceramic membrane as a filter, this system is a low cost and long life filtration system. Therefore it can enable a water supply system to meet recent demands for safe and tasty water.

Brochures & Catalogs
Ceramic Membrane Filtration System (PDF:1.36MB)

Parker Water and Sanitation District

location Parker Water and Sanitation District, Parker, CO, USA
Capacity 10 MGD (= 37,850 m3/day)
Number of membrane 560
  • Ceramic membrane element

  • left?FCeramic membrane submodule
    right?FCeramic membrane filtration system

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TEL: (201) 935-3436
FAX: (201) 935-3439

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