Ozone Generation System

The high reliability and proven performance of its products enable METAWATER to serve as a premium supplier of ozone systems and global multiple installations which can be used for a variety of applications.

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Ozone Generation System MMX Series (PDF:294KB)
Glass-lined ozone generating dielectric ?EHigh reliability
?ELow breakage of dielectric
Enhancede coolng system ?EExcellent generation efficiency
?ELow energy consumption
Narrow discharge gap (μ-GAP)
PWM converter ?EPrevent harmonic
?EReduced input capacity (PF≒1)

Configuration of Micro GapTM Ozone Dielectric Assembly

METAWATER continues to adopt the long proven Micro GapTM? glass-lined dielectric core technology for our ozone generating equipment. The enhancement made over 20 years ago to include doubling cooling (for inner high voltage electrode cooling) remains unchanged. Recent enhancement to the Micro GapTM? core technology includes a further reduction in discharge gap resulting in power savings. Modification to the existing doubling cooling inlet and outlet arrangement provides unform forced water cooling of each high voltage electrode ensuring longevity of dielectric assembly.

Glass-lined dielectric assembly (Double cooling system)

Highly reliable equipment

Proven durability & reliability Micro GapTM? with state-of-the-art and experienced Power Supply equipment technology provides long haul and high quality ozone system. METAWATER brings "Easy operation and maintenance", "Low operating and maintenance cost" and "Excellent post-startup support and services" with requisite installation experience to all clients around the world.

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