Ozone Generation System

The high reliability and proven performance of its products enable METAWATER to serve as a premium supplier of ozone systems and global multiple installations which can be used for a variety of applications.

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Ozone Generation System MMX Series (PDF:472KB)
Generating dielectric Glass-lined stainless dielectric
Cooling system Water cooled(Double / Single cooling)
Ozone concentration 6-12wt/%
Power supply Low harmonics with PWM converter + High frequency inverter

Highly efficient ozone generating dielectric

In order to generate ozone efficiently using the silent discharge technology, METAWATER offers highly accurate and ultra narrow discharge gap dielectrics with enhanced cooling system. Our Micro GapTM dielectrics, consisting of 'Robust and Durable' glass lined stainless steel tube, permit the cooling of "Both the outer & inner dielectrics" by conditioned cooling water resulting in significant increase in the rate of heat removal, thus increasing ozone production performance.

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