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METAWATER Privacy Policy

  1. METAWATER complies strictly with the relevant Acts and ordinances, guidelines set out by the government and other relevant rules and regulations when handling, as part of its business activities, personal information and the personal information of its employees.
  2. METAWATER undertakes to establish management systems for the protection of personal information and by putting them into effect in an appropriate manner to continuously improve them.
  3. METAWATER will clearly specify the intended use and obtain your permission before collecting your personal information, and it will use that information only to the extent necessary for achieving the stated purpose. Further, METAWATER will not disclose or offer personal information to third parties except where you have granted permission for it to do so or in cases where a legally justifiable reason exists.
  4. METAWATER undertakes to establish management systems for the protection of personal information and to ensure that reasonable safety measures and remedial measures are in place to prevent or respond to the risk of leakage of, or loss of, personal information and any resultant damage.
  5. METAWATER undertakes to establish and maintain an inquiries office to handle matters relating to personal information, and it will respond promptly and in good faith to all requests relating to the disclosure, correction, deletion and cessation of use, etc., of personal information.

The Handling of Personal Information Related to Our Customers

METAWATER USA.,INC. (hereinafter "METAWATER") will manage customers' personal information in accordance with the following principles:

1. Collection of personal information

In principle, before METAWATER receives personal information from you, we will make it clear to you how we will use that information.

2. Use of personal information

Except where you have given your consent or where a legally accepted reason exists, METAWATER will not use your personal information for any purposes other than uses that have been announced publicly, that you have been notified of, or that you have agreed to.

3. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

METAWATER will not disclose personal information to any third parties except in the following cases:

  1. When METAWATER has your consent.
  2. When disclosure of such information is necessary to protect human life, to prevent injury or to protect property, and moreover where it is difficult to obtain your permission in advance.
  3. When providing information to outsourcing companies or agencies with whom METAWATER has non-disclosure agreements where that information is provided in accordance with the intended conditions of use.
  4. When the information is disclosed in a format (such as when it is statistically processed) that makes it impossible for you to be identified or recognized.
  5. When METAWATER is legally required to disclose or provide personal information.

4. Requests relating to personal information

If METAWATER receives a request for disclosure from you of your personal data that it holds it will first confirm that the person making the request is in fact you, and METAWATER will meet your request in the absence of any exceptional reason. For details relating to the request procedure, please refer to the Procedures for Making Inquiries and Requests for Disclosure, Etc., Relating to Personal Information.

5. Children Under 13

Our sites are not for children under 13 years old. We do not knowingly solicit data online from, children under 13. If we knowingly receive a child's Personal Information, we will delete it from our systems.

The Handling of Personal Information on Websites

METAWATER USA.,INC. (hereinafter "METAWATER") are fully aware of the importance of personal information, and it recognizes the fact that the safe management of that information is a fundamental part of its corporate activities and its social responsibility as a corporation. For that reason, to ensure that there is adequate protection of the personal information of customers using our website, in addition to the previously announced "Privacy Policy," the following provisions apply:

1. Your provision of personal information

When, in conjunction with the use of this website, METAWATER requires users to provide personal information, METAWATER will provide, on each of the individual sites that make up this website, notifications to users that specify the reason the information is required, the intended use of the information requested and any other relevant matters. If you do not agree with the specified reason, the intended use of the information or other matters described, please refrain from providing METAWATER with your personal information. However, please be aware that this may preclude you from using certain services available on this website.

2. Use of cookies

METAWATER uses information obtained from the cookies (pieces of data that are sent by the website to a user's web browser and back) that are used on this website to differentiate between individual visitors (through their web browser, which is the software used to view internet content), to recognize the pages they visit, and to record other information for the purpose of improving site usability and enhancing the content provided. Cookies used by this website record the visitor's domain name but do not store any information that could be used to identify the individual user, such as e-mail addresses. If you wish to block cookies, adjust the preferences or settings in your web browser to reject cookies. However, please be aware that blocking cookies may prevent you from making full or adequate use of the services available on this website.

3. Use of personal information by third-party sites

This website provides some links that lead to various websites related to but not operated by METAWATER (hereinafter "related sites"). Such sites include those operated by service providers, vendors and other parties with which METAWATER maintains business relationships. However, METAWATER accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to the handling of personal information by websites operated by third parties, including related sites.

4. A note on the automated collection of access data, etc.

This website may automatically collect access data pertaining to all users that is recorded in logs, etc, using IP addresses, cookies, web beacons, etc. The access data that is collected includes such information as a history of pages and articles viewed, the length of time spent on each page, the web browser and operating system used and their version numbers, screen size, referring sites, etc. The data collected is primarily used to allow for the understanding and utilization of access conditions, and to help identify and resolve the causes of problems originating on the server, and to assist in the better management of the site and associated services.

5. About SSL

To ensure that this website can safely send and receive data that needs protection, such as customers' personal information, this site makes use of encrypted communication using SSL (secure socket layer) technology. The information that passes between the server for this website and the customer's web browser is protected using SSL technology. Moreover, to use SSL it is not necessary for any special settings to be made on the customer's side. By using a web browser that is security-enabled such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator with its normal settings, personal data input by the customer (such as names and addresses or telephone numbers) will automatically be encrypted before it is sent. This means that even if by some chance the sent data is intercepted by a third party, there is no need to be concerned that the content may be misappropriated.

Please be aware that if a web browser is used with its SSL settings having been disabled, or if a non-SSL compatible browser is used, it may not be possible to display a required page and it may also not be possible to input data.

Procedures for Making Inquiries and Requests for Disclosure, Etc., Relating to Personal Information

METAWATER will respond in accordance with the following items to inquiries relating to personal information, requests from individuals for disclosure of information held on them, requests for advice on the intended use of information, and requests for the correction, addition, deletion or cessation of use of personal information, all based on Japan's Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

1. Method of reply to requests

Replies will be made to the requesting person in writing.

2. Handling of personal information acquired in the course of a request

The information that is acquired in the course of a request relating to disclosure of personal information, etc., will be used for such limited purposes as following the procedures required to respond to the request, and after the response has been made it will be appropriately managed. Please note that documents submitted will not be returned.

3. Other matters

There will be occasions when it will not be possible for METAWATER to disclose personal information it holds, for example when it cannot successfully cross check that the personal data of the person making the request agrees with that recorded by METAWATER, or when the materials provided are insufficient. The details of the procedures followed by METAWATER in relation to the disclosure of personal information, etc., are subject to alteration by reason of amendments and other alterations to laws and to guidelines laid down by government agencies and others.

METAWATER reserves the right to modify any or all of the Private Policy at any time and without any prior notice. Any such modification will take effect immediately at the time the modified Private Policy are uploaded onto this website. METAWATER assumes that you agree to such modified Privacy Policy when you access or view this website on or after such modification takes effect.

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